is a cloud tool that allows time tracking and billing for companies of all sizes it's recommended for any company that bills their customer by hour, or any company that wants to have a bigger picture on how time is consumed in their organization it's a free tool that can be used without any card information necessary.

By deafult on registration each user gets a free trial of 14 days, while they can use all of the features.

After this period they can still use their account, but some of the features will be taken away, unless you opt in for a paid plan

The first thing you need to is to register on the Sign Up page.

After the registration, you will receive an email in order to verify your email address.

Once you verified your email you're all set and you can start tracking your time

The list with all of the plans offered by is visible on the page Plan, from the top right corner (for logged in users only) offers plans from 0 to 99$ per month designed to satisfy the needs of companies of any sizes

There are two ways of adding a time record, based on the account type you have.

If you want to manually add a time record, you should go to Time Records -> Add Manual Time, fill out the form and then Create Time.

If you want to use the automatic counter, you should just press the button Start Tracking Time, from the top right corner of the dashboard, and when you finished your work just save your time using the button Stop & Save

Automatic time tracking it's a widget offered by that it's making time tracking easier.

Instead of manually adding the start and the end time for a record, you just start the counter and save the record once you are done working on your task.

No. The automatic time tracker uses cookies in order to remember when you started the counter.

This means that even if you change the page, refresh it or close it and come back, the timer will continue without reseting

The only exception is if the counter passed 24 hours, in which case the timer will be automatically reset as a time record longer than 24 hours is considered invalid

In terms of how we store them, none.

In terms of how you add them, the manual time is a form where you will fill out both the start and the ending time, whereas the automatic time tracker takes care of this job for you. accepts exporting the time records as XLSX, XLS and CSV.

To export the time records, go on the Time Records List page and on the top right side of the table you will see a button called Export.

This feature is made so that you can easier keep track of your times.

Marking a time as billed makes time records easier to filter. It does not mean you no longer have to invoice the hours. The process should rather be, first invoicing the clients and then marking the times as billed

If you do associate time records to an invoice, the times will become automatically marked as billed.

A time record can be associated to one or more invoices, but as a best practice we recommend associating it to maximum one invoice.

To generate an invoice you can go to Invoices -> Create Invoice.

On the new page you can fill out all of the data of the invoice.

Some of the information may or may not be mandatory.

If you want to associate time records to the invoice, you can do so by checking them in the Associated Times tab.

Associated times, will be automatically marked as billed once the invoice is created.

To speed up the process of creating an invoice, you might choose to preadd the information about your clients in the clients section.

Also updating your organization details in the My Account page, will speed up the process, as your company's information will be prefilled in the seller section.

Our tool will store all of your invoices on the page Invoices -> Invoices List.

In this page you will be able to see all of your invoices, filter them and mark them as paid or past due.

To download an invoice, you can use the button Download from the actions column.

For the moment the languages are availabe in the following languages:

  • English
  • Dutch
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Romanian

However we are continuously looking forward to adding new languages in the list. If you have a suggestion, please let us know, and we will add your language in approximately 48 hours

Simillarly with marking times as billed, this feature helps you keep track of your invoices easier.

Once you mark an invoice, you can easily filter it out from the invoices with a different state.

To add a team member you just need to go to Team Members -> Add Team Member.

In the form you can choose what permissions you want to set for the member.

After creating an account, the user will have to verify the email at the given email address, before being able to use the tool

This depends on the plan of your organization. During the free 14 days trial, you can add an unlimited number of users.

Downgrading to a plan with less users than the current one, can lead to some of your team members not being able to access their account anymore

The rule is that if the number of team members is bigger than the number of users your new plan has, the surplus of team members will be deleted.

However, the deletion of these users it's not permanent, and you can restore them from you deleted users page, once you have enough quota left.

The client records keep track of your company's clients, the persons that you're working with

Keeping track of your clients it's useful, as it optimizez the process of billing them and it can be a way to filter out your time records

Projects represent your company's real projects and they are used to associate your time records to relevant categories of work

Each project has to have a client associated to it